Service 360°

We are Loniac. A small crew of trained designers, technic experts and marketing specialists. We love aesthetic pictures, creative solutions and structured planning. We develop projects from every angle, that’s what 360° means for us.

We promise communication at eye level, transparent processes and high quality.

If you need support in creating moving content and take as much or as little influence in the process as you like. We take care of every task with the necessary know-how. From conception, planning, pre-production and art-direction up until delivery and consulting for the right communication tools for your target group.

You can either leave all creative and strategic decisions in our hands or purchase only parts of our services. It’s up to you.



Moving images and exciting sounds are still the medium that can focus attention best nowadays. We help you to develop the thumbstopper for your target group. The video doesn’t have to be particularly long or elaborate. After all, what’s the point of an expensive video if nobody sees it? Get in touch with us and we will find the solution to allocate your budget efficiently.


Do you have a rough idea, but still need to fine-tune it? No problem! We’ll go on a journey with you and work together to develop a concept that will make your eyes pop. Regardless of the current status of your project or idea, we can always jump into the process and get you to the final result.

Art Direction

We are trained designers and also creative aesthetes in our private lives. With the right tools, even the most complicated product can be illustrated in an understandable and beautiful way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we work with talents who have specialised in finding the right style for your target group.


Concept, schedule, technical lists, countless emails. You can’t imagine what the whole thing will look like later? If required, we can create a detailed script and storyboard that visually combines all the points and lets the film play in your head.



Since film is an audiovisual medium, it is important to harmoniously combine all the elements that make up your film. As part of the previously agreed concept, we design the production individually according to your wishes. This includes the selection of the director, the cameraman, the locations, the actors, the props and the necessary technology. Let’s find exactly the right crew for you and your requirements together.

Another important thing about production is the preproduction! We try to clarified all possible questions before they are asked, so everyone on set knows exactly what to do and is able to react quickly.

Visual Effects

Explaining abstract or complex content is sometimes difficult – 2D or 3D animations can be very helpful here. From simple product or logo animations to difficult compositing or retouching to a completely 2D or 3D animated film, we offer you a wide range of possibilities in animation and visual effects. Click here to see our Visual Artist Julian.

Color Grading

The right color correction and the right film look are crucial for the final cinematic product. With color correction, we give your film a certain feeling and create the right mood. That’s how you convey emotions.

Whether dark, bright, warm or cold – just like a tailor-made sound design, the coloring enhances the desired effect and the expressiveness of your film.


Just like the look of the film, the sound is essential to carry emotions. Have you ever watched a horror movie without sound? And – was it scary?

Sophisticated sound effects, the right sound ambience and voice recordings make your message perceptible. We plan image and sound as a unit and achieve harmonious results from a single source.


We can’t give you a master’s degree but we can make your projects sound blow you away. We offer customised audio masters for films in every format, making sure the sound is optimal and is easy to understand on all systems and media. Depending on the distribution channels for which the content is produced, we create the appropriate audiovisual concept.


Social Media

The elevator pitch version of each film is the social media format. Videos that get to the heart of a message and the customer in a short time. It can be a format developed purely for social media or a short cut of your TVC or Imagefilm. Either way, it is an art in itself and we love it.

TV Commercial

The TVC is still the King of the Advertisement Jungle. Components from image film, product film, testimonials and, if necessary, other communication measures are combined to create a holistic image. A TVC is usually linked to an advertising campaign and produced with high standards of content, humour and aesthetics.

Product Film

It’s all about understanding the product and to present it in a perfect and timeless packshot. There are lots of possibilities to create a product film for small or big budgets.

Music Video

Let’s make some cool shit! Show us your song and we tell you the pictures we have in our heads. We like all kinds of music from metal to pop, but please no German „Schlager“ 😉


An image film is particularly suitable for conveying an authentic feeling for your company and the values it stands for. The aim here is not to sell something, but to show as honestly and nourishingly as possible what the company promises and offers.

Branded Content

Branded content is a marketing strategy in which companies subtly draw attention to their products by creating relevant and strategically placed content, e.g. in collaboration with a testimonial. This creates a positive link between the brand and positive experiences, which leads to increased trust and stronger customer loyalty.

Moodfilm / Casefilm

This type of video is often needed at an early stage of a project to visualise an idea, a kind of example of the actual project. A lot of creativity is required here, which is why you’ve come to the right place for mood or case films.

Digital OOH

Billboards are moving since a few years. That’s a really nice tool to get attention from passengers. Let’s create a surprising moment that will make people smile in public because of you.

You want shots that never have been seen? A story that stands out? Good commercials are made up of so many small parts, and it’s the totality of them that makes the film what it is in the end.

There are many ways to produce a good commercial. Whether in a 270° LED studio, AI-generated sequences, camera angles that are at the cutting edge or an edit that gives you suspense right up to the last second. Excitingly fast drone shots, 3D rendered products that have not yet seen the light of day or touching close-ups that will move you to the brink of tears. A lot is possible in film, we transform your most creative thoughts into visual experiences. Just tell us what you have in mind and we will create a solution to get your movie noticed.