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We set high standards for our films, because we want you to be happy with the result. But we don’t miss out on the fun either.

Well then, here’s a little insight for you into what it’s like to work with us. We are fortunate to work with many talented people. They all make our videos what they are. We focus on delivering strong films that engage our clients‘ target audience, pique their interest and promote their services, whether it’s commercials, image films or social media content. We place great emphasis on quality by ensuring that our productions exceed our clients‘ expectations and deliver results that speak to the quality of their products, while maintaining a friendly production environment.

Our Nature


For many years, we have cultivated strong partnerships with clients who trust us, relying on our expertise to bring their visions to life with precision and creativity.


We pride ourselves on our reliability, always ensuring quick and responsive communication to swiftly address our clients‘ needs and accommodate spontaneous requests.


We don’t just blindly execute ideas. We think along with you, develop ideas, suggest solutions that have not yet been thought of and implement them with curiosity and motivation.


Challenges have never been challenges for us ;-). We look for and find solutions to creative, logistical or budgetary challenges with an experienced team of producers and creatives.


The quality of a film stands and falls with the motivation of the team. That’s why we emphasize a fun and friendly atmosphere on set and during the entire production right from the start.

Loniac am Filmset für Freezio
Loniac Filmdreh Küche
Loniac am Set der Werbefilmproduktion für Freezio
Loniac Filmset Studio in Düsseldorf

From culture via fashion to automotive, we produce everything in the place where we can achieve the best result. Whether in our own studio or on the other, sunnier side of the planet.

Filmdreh in Cape Town
Loniac Fashion Shooting am Strand
Say Hello

We hope that after this brief overview you already feel like a part of our team. Please contact us in the ways that suit you best.

Shoot us an e-mail, give us a call, text us any time you want, drop by for a coffee or a Spezi. We are happy to talk!