22-Mrz-2024 Düsseldorf

Together with our customer Krüger, we were able to produce a film and photos for the market launch of the Freezio beverage dispenser, which was a really good shoot, especially in collaboration with the various talents.

This work was created in two days of shooting, in which we not only had real footage, but also created a coherent end result together with our 3D artists.
We not only shot in a studio, which we converted from white to completely black, but also in an apartment, which we specially prepared for the shoot to make it look exactly how we felt it should for the movie.

The film will be used for social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, as well as for the Freezio’s own website. It was directed by our in-house director Ingo Mahlitz. Together with Severin Strauss, who was our first choice for this project as DOP behind the camera, we shot with numerous helping hands in Düsseldorf and Cologne.

The right lighting, set design and styling are crucial for creating the right look for a film production like this.
Here, we were also able to draw on our large portfolio of incredibly good talents to help us get a movie like this off the ground.

Thanks at this point to everyone who was involved.